Ten Ways to Support our Troops Overseas

You know the situation our troops face everyday. We live in dangerous times and our soldiers are laying down their lives to keep all of us, you and me, safe and secure at home.

Maybe you know someone in the military. Perhaps you son is in the Army, your brother is a Marine, your niece is in the Air Force or your neighbor serves in the Navy. You may even have been in the National Guard at one point.

Yet even if no one you know is in the military service, you understand a soldier's duty and sacrifice. And you can't just sit idly by and do nothing.

Right at this moment, this country is engaged in a supreme struggle to secure our future. Whether you agree or disagree with our reasons for going to war in Iraq, you have to acknowledge that we are in it for the long haul. In the United States, we don't "cut and run," when things get difficult. And so, our fighting men and women sacrifice themselves, literally, ever day so that we, you and I, can live the life we so much enjoy in America.

These brave young people in the armed services recognize their duty to stand up against threats to our way of life. They have volunteered to go into harm's way on our behalf. Imagine the courage and strength of character required to do that for people, most of whom they'll never know personally. Indeed, we owe a debt of gratitude to them for what they're doing for us.

Most of us, unless we've also been in the service during a war, will never know what our soldiers do every day while overseas. Many people don't really want to know – it's too agonizing to envision. Yet the fight is not only the troops' alone. We too have responsibilities even as we live comfortably with our families at home.

Here's how to support our troops overseas: We need to know what's going on, know why, contact our representatives to let them know how we feel, know who is over there, write them, send them pictures from home, chat with them on-line, send them a gift or care package, prepare for their return home, and pray for their safety and well-being.

Paul Stober

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