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Here’s some analysis of the Iran situation by way of its jew-hating, nuke-grubbing, leader (via ShrinkWrapped)

Malignant Narcissism and Paranoid Psychosis are two sides of a coin, but the most important aspect of such a person is that they are not "mad" or "crazy" in any conventional meaning of the term. Their basic assumptions may be bizarre and their goals may be terrifying, but they are perfectly capable of being cunning, brilliant, charming, and exhibiting a full range of human attributes, all the while imagining ushering in the Apocalypse. In addition, and this is crucial for understanding the danger from Iran, the relationship between the Narcissist and his belief structure is such that they cannot separate themselves from their beliefs.
A typical Narcissist who fails feels humiliated and becomes depressed and/or enraged as a result. The Malignant Narcissist takes this to an extreme. Failure to them is incompatible with existence; they become suicidal and/or homicidal. In such a setting suicide bombers are no accident.Since being elected President, Ahmadinejad has been consolidating his rule and eliminating the competition....These are not the actions of fools or "madmen." They are the rational actions of people in the service of irrational goals. The goal of the Iranian leadership is to bring on the Apocalypse.
They can not separate their Islamic beliefs from their experience of the world and the failure of Islam would be a psychic death; suicide via murdering the infidel is the only outcome possible that preserves their mental state. This is true on a small scale, with suicide bombers, and on the larger scale of a society that cannot exist without the justification of doing Allah's work. Despite their demographic advance in Europe, Islamists must know, even if they do not admit it, that their version of ascetic and radical Islam cannot withstand the allure of the material wealth and freedoms of the West.
Secular Islam is an oxymoron to these men and this is why the options are so limited. Iran not only wants the prestige of nuclear weapons, but whether it takes place next month, next year, or next decade, they need a nuclear war before their grip on power begins to slip. That is the clock that is ticking.
It seems to me the only way to avoid this is through regime change, the sooner the better.

More Here.
Meanwhile, Iraq is saying Iran captured some coastguards:

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Iraqi officials on Tuesday accused Iranian forces of "kidnapping" a coastguard patrol after a clash on their tidal frontier and demanded the men's release, but Tehran's envoy in Baghdad denied the incident took place.

Iraq's foreign minister called in the Iranian envoy seeking the release of eight or nine coastguards Iraq said were seized after an exchange of fire involving suspected oil smugglers on their long-disputed border along the Shatt al-Arab estuary.

Shatt al-Arab was a point of conflict during the Iran-Iraq war, there is definitely still some tension there.

Also, the Europeans are working hard to write a letter to Iran, telling them that they are angry:

A draft text that was read to The Associated Press by a European diplomat accredited to the U.N. nuclear watchdog agency stopped short of the calls for sanctions sought by the United States and its closest backers.

Instead, it urges the 15-nation council to press Tehran "to extend full and prompt cooperation to the agency" in its more than three-year probe of suspect nuclear activities. It also asks the council to make clear to Iran "that additional transparency measures are indispensable" if it hopes to prove to the world that it does not want to make nuclear weapons.

I’m sure Tehran is quaking in its jackboots. And the theatre of the absurd continues to lurch forward in the field of internationalism , with Iran now wanting to resume the go-nowhere talks:

Iran is fully ready to resume negotiations and calls on the Europeans to resume these negotiations" on Wednesday, said the official, who was speaking from Vienna where the UN's atomic energy agency is based but asked not to be named.


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